realityblog“Some days you feel like you’re killing it (as a parent) and some days your kids are eating chapstick.”

PERFECT quote from a fellow 4th Trimester Bodies Project mom!! (If you haven’t heard of it, check out here).

It also pertains to life in general I think. Maybe it’s because I was a part of a project, a movement, SO much bigger than myself a couple of weeks ago or maybe it’s the personal development book I’ve been reading, but whatever the reason, I’ve done some MAJOR re-evaluating and reflecting this week.

I am a Beachbody Coach, yes. I am also a mom, a wife, a sister, etc. I am a fitness instructor. I am a La Leche League Leader. I am a friend, volunteer, ultrasound technologist, runner, farm-wife, etc. We ALL have many roles and jobs.

What I do as a health and fitness coach involves posting a lot on social media. I post healthy meals, a few homemade “life is too short to not eat dessert” meals, sweaty selfies, workouts that I am doing, my beautiful children, pictures of the house I love….I post a LOT. But after this week, I am done making it look like things are always lovely and full of rainbows and unicorns. A lot of people in my profession do very well by posting those things. And I love their posts! But for me, I feel like it is time to show that I DON’T have it all together, and that real life is messy and that it’s OKAY!!! There is so much comparison and competition, when we should be working TOGETHER. We could be so much stronger TOGETHER. Judgment is human nature, I get that, but are we helping anyone by making others think that we have a perfect life? I don’t think so.

So I wanted to show you a few things. The top picture is our office. We moved in 11 months ago. Yep, I’m still not unpacked. It’s a disaster. I used to pride myself on my SUPER clean house. I cleaned from top to bottom every week. Then I had kids. Enough said.

The bottom is my current love-handle size. Maybe it will eventually go away, maybe it won’t. I’m working on it because that is a priority for me, but I know it’s not everyone’s priority and that’s ok. It’s also not my #1 priority. (I have kids.)

A few other things I could tell you–I just burned the damn muffins in the oven. Sometimes my almost-16 month old still sleeps with us. We had popcorn for lunch the other day. I don’t remember the last time I dusted my house. I am lucky if I put on make-up 3 days out of the week. So please, don’t ever feel judged by any of my posts. Know that I am so freaking imperfect. And I am ok with that!

Being a woman, a mom, a parent–is HARD and EXHAUSTING and I in no way want to contribute to the comparing and competing. I hope to inspire and empower. Nothing more.