The #MomLife That No One Talks About

The following article, a conversation with a friend, and a lot of time passing have all encouraged me to share this.

Postpartum Depression is not talked about enough. Before I experienced it myself, I barely knew what it was and wasn’t even sure it was a “real” thing.
As a lot of you know, three weeks after having baby #2, we moved. Not only did we move, but we moved in with my in-laws until our house was renovated. So, new baby, a move, I had quit my job of 7 years a few months earlier…….it was an understatement to say I was overwhelmed with change.
Thank God my doula had talked to me about PPD, its triggers and its signs and symptoms. I always just thought it was “being depressed after you had a baby.” SO WRONG. For me, it was extreme irritability and sudden rage. I am not proud of how I acted and I am thankful and hopeful that my then two year old will probably not remember how awful I was. I fully can understand why no one talks about it. But that needs to change. My doctor brushed it off. My husband felt helpless. It turned out to be a blessing that we were living with my in-laws because it meant I was not alone and my mother-in-law is an amazing woman and frequently would take care of the kids so I could go outside and get some fresh air and walk or run.
Eventually my hormones leveled out and I have an amazing support group which I believe got me through that period of my life. But if you or someone you know is maybe going through PPD, reach out. Even if you don’t know what to do or how to help, just take the first step of talking about it.

Here is the link to the mentioned article.



New Year, New Adventure.

I have a different idea for 2016. Hear me out. After seeing all the “new year, new you” posts, some personal development reading, and kind of a rough morning, I decided that I don’t want a “new me.” I want a BETTER me. 2016 is going to be another new adventure, because I have decided to CHOOSE to notice GOODNESS. That will be my word.

I woke up crabby, mad at the dirty dishes in the sink (the reason I always stay up late doing them). I felt disappointed and overwhelmed by my to-do list. Why is it so easy to notice the bad but not the good?? In ourselves, in others….

So I’m going to try to just STOP. Stop wasting time entertaining thoughts about my weight, or my gross natural hair color. Stop comparing. Stop shaming ourselves for things we can’t do that others can. No more guilt about a messy house, crafts left unfinished, a failed new recipe.

I have two beautiful kids. I am a mom. I am married to the man of my dreams. We get along most days. We have a lovely warm house. We have so much. I am grateful for those things. Even if I am imperfect. God doesn’t care. My kids don’t care. I have a choice. I can notice the GOOD and be thankful for it. 

I can relish the early-morning snuggles from my daughter when she tip-toes into our room. I will enjoy the rocking and nursing-to-sleep of my baby boy. The laundry? Evidence that we have clean clothes. The dishes? Evidence that we are fortunate enough to have plenty to eat.

I am challenging you to join me. Will I succeed every day at only seeing the goodness? Doubtful. But just by trying, and slowly improving, I am succeeding. We don’t need a “new year, new you.” We just need a new attitude.
Cheers to a new attitude in 2016!!
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