Hi! I’m Michaela and my journey to who I am now, and WHERE I am now, really started in the winter of 2013. I NEVER would have thought I would want to be a stay at home mom! But I was working full time plus being on call anywhere from 20-100 HOURS a week. I LOVED my career as an ultrasound technologist and still do. I made a good income and prided myself as the breadwinner of the household. But in less than 7 years I was already feeling burnt out. I never got home on time, Matt was having to drop off AND pick up AJ, our almost-2-year-old, from daycare, and we missed practically every family event because I was on call sometimes as often as every other weekend.

So in December of 2013, I was pregnant with baby #2, it was a blizzard outside, I had worked a 13 hour shift and had been called back in to the hospital 3 times already that evening. It was now 1am and I had not been to bed yet and had to work a 13 hour shift again the next day. The pager went off AGAIN for an ultrasound exam in the ER. I got off the phone with the doctor, burst into angry tears, and I’m sure with crazy-eyes told Matt I was quitting my job. That weekend I wrote my letter of resignation and literally just prayed that God would provide. Best decision (and craziest) that I ever made.

Because—SURPRISE—3 weeks after having that baby we sold our house and moved to my husband’s family farm. So we overhauled our budget and God really is providing. We have some farmland, some pasture, and a few cattle so far, along with helping my in-laws with the family farm/ranch. So that’s my crazy story in a nutshell—we just took a leap of faith!  I LOVE being home with my kids (most days, right?). I do still work 2 part-days a week doing ultrasounds. I also became a health and fitness coach and a certified PiYo Live fitness class instructor so I have an outlet for my love of fitness. AND I am an accredited La Leche League Leader and run a support group for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. So the last couple of years have been crazy-good and crazy-busy, but that is normal life, right?

A few months after I had quit my full-time job we were getting ready to go out of town for a family function and I just broke down crying. I realized how much LIFE we had missed with me working so much. So now I work, but it doesn’t feel like work because I spend all my time on what I am passionate about—my family, our farm, fitness, supporting other moms, and empowering other women.

Thanks for visiting my blog! Check back soon!


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